George M. Kober Medal and Lectureship

Brief History on George M. Kober

George M. Kober

Nominations for the George M. Kober Medal for 2023 are being accepted until December 14, 2021. Please provide a brief cover letter highlighting the major accomplishments of the nominee along with an updated CV and submit to

George M. Kober was a Prussian Immigrant who crossed the Atlantic alone at the age of 16. He lived with his sister in New York until he joined the Army and worked as an orderly until he was assigned to work in Washington at the Library of the Army Surgeon General, just down the street from Ford’s Theater. He attended Georgetown School of Medicine in night school and graduated in the late 1873. He was passionate about public health and prevention and wrote and published while pursuing a career in the US Army Medical Corps, a precursor of the early Public Health Service in California. He was stationed on Alcatraz and allegedly he also invested wisely in gold mining stocks and accumulated personal wealth. He returned to Washington for the centennial Celebration of the University in 1889 and vowed to do good things in his life for his Alma Mater and public health. That would have been approximately his 15th reunion. Dr. Kober became dean of the Georgetown School of Medicine in 1901, in which capacity he served until 1928, marking the longest tenure in the history of the deanship at the time.

He was active in the early days as a leader of several national organizations including the Association of American Physicians – an early organization founded in the 1885 by seven Physicians (including William Osler) an organization which promotes:

“the pursuit of medical knowledge, and the advancement through experimentation and discovery of basic and clinical science and their application to clinical medicine…”

That organization honored Kober and continues to honor him by giving their highest award to an honoree(s) every three years with the Kober Lecture and the Kober Medal every year that is minted for them. Those speakers have included at least 13 Nobel laureates to date. The first Kober Medal was presented at the Annual Meeting in 1925.
Kober also was active in the early AAMC and the Council of Medical Education at the AMA- Where he chaired a committee that advised to visit all medical schools and standardize the curriculum.

This award is given to an AAP member for outstanding research contributions which have extraordinary impact on patients. This award is given every three years.

This award is given to an AAP member whose lifetime efforts have had an enormous impact on the field of Internal Medicine (or the specific member’s discipline) through the scientific discipline they have brought to the field and the many outstanding scientists that they have trained. This award is given every year.


  • 1925: John J. Abel, Baltimore
  • 1928: Simon Flexner, New York
  • 1931: F.G. Novy, Ann Arbor
  • 1934: W.B. Cannon, Boston
  • 1937: Ludvig Hektoen, Chicago
  • 1940: W.G. MacCallum, Baltimore
  • 1943: Eugene L. Opie, New York
  • 1946: Peyton Rous, New York
  • 1949: Homer F. Swift, New York
  • 1952: Arthur L. Bloomfield, San Francisco
  • 1955: J.H. Means, Boston
  • 1958: Homer W. Smith, New York
  • 1961: Rene J. Dubos, New York
  • 1964: Frank L. Horsfall, Jr., New York
  • 1967: Francis D. Lukens, Pittsburgh
  • 1970: Robert A. Good, Minneapolis
  • 1973: Lewis Thomas, New York
  • 1977: Arno G. Motulsky, Seattle
  • 1980: Grant W. Liddle, Nashville
  • 1982: Bengt Samuelsson, Stockhom
  • 1985: Oscar D. Ratnoff, Cleveland
  • 1988: Anthony S. Fauci, Bethesda
  • 1991: Philip W. Majerus, St. Louis
  • 1994: Bert Voeglstein, Baltimore
  • 1997: Mark Keating, Salt Lake City
  • 2000: Francis Collins, Bethesda
  • 2003: Stanley Korsmeyer, Boston
  • 2006: Robert Lefkowitz, Durham
  • 2009: Michael Welsh, Iowa City
  • 2012: Barry S. Coller, New York
  • 2015: P. Frederick Sparling, Chapel Hill
  • 2018: Helen H. Hobbs, Dallas
  • 2021:  Jean Bennett, Pennsylvania



2022 Linda P. Fried Anne Newman
2021 Jeffrey I. Gordon David Perlmutter
2020 Michael J. Welsh Joseph Zabner
2019 C. Ronald Kahn Jeffrey S. Flier
2018 Stuart H. Orkin Leonard I. Zon
2017 Laurie H. Glimcher Carl F. Nathan
2016 Peter Agre Paul B. Rothman
2015 Francis Collins David Ginsburg
2014 Eliabeth G. Nabel Eugene Braunwald
2013 John T. Potts, Jr. J. Larry Jameson
2012 Arthur H. Rubenstein Kenneth Polonsky
2011 Robert Lefkowitz Ralph Snyderman
2010 Stuart Kornfeld Ajit Varki
2009 Francois Abboud Michael Welsh
2008 Samuel O. Thier Dennis Ausiello
2007 Anthony Fauci John I. Gallin
2006 David Nathan Edward J. Benz, Jr.
2005 William Kelley Edward Holmes
2004 K. Frank Austen Jeffrey M. Drazen
2003 Leon E. Rosenberg Irwin Rosenberg
2002 Michael Brown Jean Wilson
2002 Joseph Goldstein Daniel Foster
2001 Kurt J. Isselbacher Eugene Braunwald
2000 J. Claude Bennett Holly Smith
1999 Jean Wilson Joel Goldstein
1998 Eugene Braunwald Victor Dzau
1997 Helen Ranney Samual Rappaport
1996 Robert Petersdorf Edward W. Hook, Jr.
1995 Alexander Leaf Arnold Relman
1994 David M. Kipnis William A. Peck
1993 Arnold S. Relman Samuel O. Thier
1992 E. Donnall Thomas Ernest Beutler
1991 James B. Wyngaarden Lloyd H. Smith, Jr.
1990 Victor A. McKusick Professor Sir David Weatherall
1989 Maclyn McCarty Richard M. Krause
1988 Oscar D. Ratnoff John W. Harris
1987 Helen B. Taussig
1986 Lloyd H. Smith, Jr. Marvin H. Sleisenger
1985 Donald W. Seldin
1984 Robert W. Berliner Jack Orloff
1983 Lewis Thomas H. Sherwood Lawrence
1982 James A. Shannon Saul Farber
1981 A. McGehee Harvey Richard J. Johns
1980 Eugene A. Stead James V. Warren
1979 Franz J. Ingelfinger
1978 Maxwell Finland
1977 Robert H. Williams
1976 George W. Thorn
1975 Walsh McDermott
1974 Maxwell M. Wintrobe
1973 Paul B. Beeson
1972 Cecil J. Watson
1971 W. Barry Wood, Jr.
1970 Dickinson W. Richards
1969 Dana W. Atchley
1968 Tinsley R. Harrison
1967 Isaac Starr
1966 Joseph C. Aub
1965 Joseph T. Wearn
1964 J. Howard Means
1963 Jhn R. Paul
1962 William B. Castle
1961 O.H. Robertson
1960 David Marine
1959 Robert F. Loeb
1958 Arnold R. Rich
1957 Richard E. Shope
1956 Stanley Cobb
1955 William C. Stadie
1954 Herbert S. Gasser
1953 Peyton Rous
1952 Edward C. Kendall
1951 James L. Gamble
1950 Edwards A. Park
1949 Alphonse R. Dochez
1948 Warfield T. Longcope
1947 Eugene F. DuBois
1946 No Award
1945 Oswald T. Avery
1944 No Award
1943 Ernest W. Goodpasture
1942 Donald D. Van Slyke
1941 William de B. MacNider
1940 Frederick F. Russell
1939 George H Whipple
1938 Rufus Cole
1937 William H. Park
1936 E.R. Baldwin
1935 Frank B Mallory
1934 J.J. Abel
1933 A.N. Richards
1932 E.P. Joslin
1931 Henry Sewall
1930 James B. Herrick
1929 George R. Minot